Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tantalizing Turkey Roll Ups

Trying to eat better one meal and one day at a time?
Me too!
Trying to cut out extra calories while still feeling fully satisfied?
Me too! 
Like most of us, I've been trying to drag myself back on the wagon after a fattening holiday season. This week especially, I've been trying to satisfy my taste buds while fitting back into my skinny jeans.... UGH! Luckily, I started experimenting and ended up with these roll ups for lunch that I am in LOVE with! They're easy, delicious, and you can adjust the ingredients based on what you prefer.
Check it out: 

Tantalizing Turkey
Roll Ups
  Step 1
Grab your favorite turkey and lay those bad boys out...
... I chose a low sodium holiday carving style selection at the deli counter - delish!
Step 2
Layer your cheese of choice on top of those tasty little turkey slices...
... I chose a sliced Gouda - not my typical cheese selection but I wanted something to really get my taste buds excited, and it worked!

Step 3
Slather on some hummus for creamy goodness...
... I chose a roasted garlic selection - I love the extra kick of flavor and excitement!
Step 4
Pile up alfalfa sprouts on top of the hummus...
... I'm always trying to expand and increase my veggie intake - I've been adding sprouts to my fresh juice in the morning, on top of salads and tacos, and now inside my roll ups!
Step 5
Roll up those bad boys and package in a Tupperware, aluminum foil or plastic baggy for easy transportation and eating on the go...

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