Thursday, April 5, 2012

We're Walking, We're Walking...

I don't get out and "just walk" enough... do you?

Tuesday was a day similar to most...

I woke up early and instantly wanted to go back to bed, I felt like I was being pulled in too many different directions all day, and I sat at my desk continuously thinking "I really need to take my lunch break" as the clock went surprisingly fast from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and beyond. At 3:30 p.m., I finally stood up and said to myself, "Ok, it's now or never." I had a new exercise class planned for after work (which was great, by the way - you should definitely check out Cyclelates if you're around the LA area!), so I didn't want to go for a run, and since I had been snacking all day, I didn't really need the hour break to prepare and eat a meal. "Uh oh," I thought, "This is the Rachel Recipe for driving aimlessly around town for an hour and spending money I don't have..." Not Tuesday though, no no no. I grabbed my workout bag that I had packed for my new exercise class after work along with my phone and headphones, and I hit the pavement walking. From the first step (as usual), I was upset at myself that this wasn't a habit. It was the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air while practicing better posture, tightening my core, taking advantage of a beautiful day, and listening to Coachella 2012 playlists on Spotify. Furthermore, since I've found that I really need a destination when walking or running outside, I decided that my halfway point would be Garfield Park, which is a lovely little spot about 20 minutes (walking distance) away from my office. Unfortunately, there were some lip-locked teens occupying the peaceful resting place I had in mind, but a spot nearby proved to be more than sufficient (pictured above).

As hard as it was to pry myself away from all the tasks at hand, I realized how important that seemingly minuscule break was. Patting myself on the back for a choice well made, time well spent, and inching closer to overall health and balance; Looking forward to another walk again soon!

"You're writing the story of your life one moment at a time."
- Doc Childre and Howard Martin

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