Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Food Fix

Sometimes (or most of the time), the idea of cooking your meals at home versus grabbing a bite at the drive-thru can seem absolutely ridiculous. After finding time to balance work, school, family, kids, exercise, sleep, errands, and everything else you're loading on, setting aside an hour or two a day to prepare meals is borderline laughable. Since I frequently overbook my calendar while still wanting to maintain focus on eating right, I did some research to find some fresh new ideas... thank goodness I found these two eat right keepers from my friends at GLAM GRAD and Homemade Ginger:

I LOVE this recipe! Why? Oh, for many reasons...
I love the Crockpot - meals that will last the whole week and require little to no effort?? Score!
There are only 2 ingredients - that makes grocery shopping and calorie counting easy breezy!
I can make it while I'm sleeping and wake up to a delicious smelling house and food that's ready to go!
I've been really into salsa lately, and that's new for me. So, the idea of chicken smothered in salsa... wow, yes please!
I learned the recipe from the amazing Lila Kooklan, which means it must be fantastic!

Tried this, loved it... And yes, I'm going to tell you the reasons why...
I am totally and completely obsessed with Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags as you have learned (see Tricks & Tips Tuesday). More ways to use them equals more to be obsessed about!
I LOVE eggs - they're perfect little protein packed goodies!
I even pre-packed a bag with all my omelet fillings except the eggs, then I took my pre-packed bag and 2 eggs to work, cracked my eggs into the bag when I was ready I microwaved it for breakfast - Amazing!

Tip from my experience...
Depending on the amount of fillings you put into the bag, you might have to check to make sure the center is fully cooked. For example, I put lots of veggies in mine so I had to cook it for an additional few minutes to get it just right.


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