Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taste Tester Review: Dog Haus Biergarten

Once upon a time there was a group that just couldn't decide where to go eat. Some members of the group wanted to get down and dirty... load up the calories and comfort food because they're in it for a good time. Meanwhile, other members of the group wanted tasty food that wasn't necessarily going to destroy their calorie count... load up the veggies and meat substitutes because they're thinking about the health factor. The age old dilemma was all too familiar, and as usual, it left the group frustrated and hungry.

If this story sounds familiar, join the club. Family, friends, co-workers - you name it and it can be absolutely hell raising to figure out something as simple as a place to eat that will make everyone happy. So, when I discovered the family of Dog Haus eateries, I was overcome with a sense of relief and excitement. Finally, a place to satisfy the whole crowd; a place to settle all the discussions and hungry stomachs.

The Dog Haus location that I frequent is Dog Haus Biergarten (93 E. Green Street) in Old Town Pasadena. Dog Haus Biergarten is equip with a delicious menu of plentiful options, friendly staff, a full bar, inside seating and an outdoor patio filled with large group style picnic tables. It can be found nestled on Green Street, in between Raymond Avenue and Arroyo Parkway and conveniently located across the street from the Schoolhouse Parking Structure that offers 90 minutes free parking. Whether you're looking for a tasty bite alone, a quick lunch with co-workers or a substantial hang out session with family and/or friends, this is the spot. Oh and did I mention that it's extremely affordable?! Like, I'm talking a mega bratwurst, tater tots (YAH, TATER TOTS), and a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) for less than $10-$15 (depending on what you get). If you ask me, that's AWESOME!

The good news doesn't stop there, either! Their menu has preset options of hot dogs, bratwursts, burgers and more, or you can create your own. The more I go, the more creative I get... the fun never stops! In case you need suggestions, some favorites are:

Sooo Cali
Dog Haus signature 1/4 lb. all-beef, skinless hot dog topped with mixed greens, diced tomatoes, tempura fried onions, spicy basil aioli and avocado on a King's hawaiian bread roll.
*Swap out the hot dog for a turkey dog or veggie dog if you want to be more calorie conscious.

Dog Haus signature 1/4 lb. all-beef, skinless hot dog topped with smoked bacon, lettuce, avocado, Serrano chilies, sliced tomato and mayo on a King's hawaiian bread roll.
*Swap out the hot dog for a bratwurst or spicy Italian dog for an extra kick.

Holy Aioli
Dog Haus 1/3 lb. certified Angus beef patty topped with white American cheese, caramelized onions, smoked bacon and haus garlic aioli on a King's hawaiian bread bun. 

Angus beef topped with white American cheese and grilled onions on mini King's hawaiian bread buns.
*Buy them by the slider to get as many as your heart desires!

My Favorite (Guilt Free) Creation
Turkey or Veggie dog: lettuce wrapped and topped with arugula, dijon mustard, dill pickles and avocado (a variation of this is pictured below).

But wait...there's more!
Dog Haus Biergarten hosts fun events with live bands, welcomes groups and supports the community too, which makes it even MORE AWESOME! I've been to mixer events at Dog Haus Biergarten hosted by Pasadena Jaycees. Once a month you can usually spend the night listening to and having a great time with a live band like the Past Action Heroes. Cruise by on a Tuesday night between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to go for a run around town with the Dog Haus Running Club then enjoy some well deserved grub! Again, the fun never stops... 

So, what's up Dog - have you hit the Haus yet?!

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