Sunday, March 18, 2012

Prep for Success - Back to Basics

Happy Sunday all you fit life lovers out there! I hope you're having a splendid weekend and recovering nicely from a fun filled St. Patty's Day. 

This week, I want to head back to the basics. I want to focus on rebuilding and maintaining my foundation of a fit life. I find that I need to constantly remind myself of these fit life basics so that I don't get too far off track when the road twists and turns. I encourage you to think about your own fit life basics and how consistently you adhere to them...


I believe that many changes can and do happen overnight, but they are not actually recognized or acknowledged until much later. Since I'm also the type that gets incredibly impatient, I especially love this reminder to give things time. Moreover, this gives me a fun little mental saying to use - my will power and self control grows stronger when I have something to say to myself. Don't quite understand what that means?  Ok... for me, that means that next time I'm passing the snack area at work and I want to reach for a delicious looking cookie or piece of candy, I'll say "...4...8...12..." to myself, and it will help me remember that every choice I make impacts my long term goals.

Be Happy

It's so easy to get caught up in the busy back and forth of daily life. Stopping, getting a grip, and chilling out are HUGE fit life basics for me. For me, this also means spending time reflecting on what exactly makes ME happy. Being surrounded by friends, family, peers, media and popular culture can make it challenging to pick out what YOU enjoy as opposed to what others do. Need an example? Recently, I came to realize that I enjoy reading... but only for short periods of time. Some of my active reader friends don't quite understand and often ask why I choose to put my book down after only 10 minutes even though I love it so much... because homie, that's just what I like to do and it makes me happy.

Act Daily

Guess what? You don't have to go to the gym everyday to be active and in shape! I love reminding myself to be active in my daily life - take the stairs, park the car a little farther away for an extra walk, focus on pulling in and strengthening your core while sitting in the car, stretch and move around while sitting for long periods of time, clean the house for a surprisingly good workout, dance instead of standing around at the bar, plant or tend to a garden, and my favorite, laugh more!

Fire & Re-Fire Up the Kitchen

Eating out is a good way to NOT lead a fit life. Yes, I do eat out (I'm no perfect fitness or health guru), but I prefer to hit the grocery store and make my own meals. However, I find that I have to constantly fire and re-fire up the kitchen to incorporate new ingredients and meals or I'll get bored and start eating out more. Since I've been eating a lot of the same thing(s) lately, this week I'm making a point of trying something new to get me and my kitchen going!

Less Words, More Action

That is all.

Enjoy your week of foundation creation, reflection, and positive progression!

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